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ELMER software s.r.o.
Pavlicka 123
155 21 Praha 5 - Sobin
CZ - Czech republic

VAT: CZ25746987

phone: (+420)603413864

updated on: 23.2.2024

Some of the main points:

  • Import and export DWG, DXF (all versions). Are supported all existing DWG file versions, including the latest R2010/2012. The DWG import can import most of the CAD graphic elements and hatches, font styles, views Model/Layout, bitmaps.
  • PDF export. Built-in PDF export is optionally choice in print dialog. This built-in PDF export function uses only export to bitmap tiles. These tiles allow create very large PDF documents, for example format A0 in 1200dpi.
  • Printing is in two modes – bitmap or vector graphics. For example, new fill property semi transparency requires bitmap mode printing. In the future will be more preferred a bitmap printing, which can guarantee more accurate printing, which is independent of WIN32 GDI interface.
  • One drawing document (*.sch) file can contains more than one drawing. These drawings can be linked together using the graphics element “Viewport”. “Viewport” is view to another drawing – similarly like in AutoCAD mode Model/Layout
  • Each drawing can consist of multiple pages. Each page can be optionally locked, colored or non-printable. Each graphics element can be visible on actual page or on all pages. For example, now it is very easy to repeat any border lines around the drawing. These lines are projected under each page.
  • Hatch Styles – hatch (fill) styles can import *.pat files (AutoCAD hatch definitions files)
  • Font styles can import TTF files (true type fonts). Each drawing can use own TTF fonts. SchemataCAD saves to each *.sch file the graphics definition of all used text characters in drawings. Only default (build-in) font ARIAL is not saved. This solution will ensure to show all texts on any computer, anywhere, anytime, fully independent of installed fonts.
  • Export to bitmap formats: BMP, TIFF, PNG.
  • Export to vector EMF format
  • Bitmap import - BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF
  • Block grouping More blocks can be marked as one group. Example is the coil (relay) with its contacts. Then copy or paste function copied the entire group. The deletion of any part from group is disabled. Also the indexing of symbols adds corresponding descriptions - e.g. Coil is “K1” and contacts are “K1.1”, “K1.2”, “K1.3”. After making a copy, all new descriptions are automatically incremented to “K2” “K2.1”, “K2.2”, “K2.3”.
  • Link with visible text description. Link style name can be displayed together with link line.
  • Link - Smart reference point – point in the middle of link (link which is connected between two symbols). When user moves this point, the link path is relevantly regenerated.
  • Batch conversion – tool for convert files from SCH, DWG, DXF to another format.
  • Repeated scanning – comfortable scanning function for quick multipage scanning. This function replaces other scanning software, which is often uncomfortable.

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