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updated on: 23.2.2024

Download freeware SchemataCAD viewer

Download freeware SchemataCAD viewer  

variant of executable EXE file
by processor type

version language release
types of documents that can be viewed, printed or exported (to BMP/EMF format)
for MS WINDOWS 10/11
from Microsoft Store install here
(recommended online installation)

or directly download the MSIX installation package
(when online installation is not available):

only for other operating systems (than MS WINDOWS 10/11)

  1. download the MSIX installer package
  2. rename the .msix extension to .zip
  3. extract the corresponding EXE file
23.0.8 English
12.6.2024 2,2 MB CAD drawings - files with extensions: SCH, DWG, DXF


Privacy Policy
Note that viewer cannot open drawings and documents created in any demo version


SchemataCAD viewer for Android tablets and smartphones (ARM 32bit, ARM 64bit, x86 32bit, x86-64 64bit)

Link for installation from the Android "Play Store": here

or directly download the latest installation APK package

Viewer opens CAD file formats:

  •  DWG (up to the latest version 2019 - AC1032)

  • DXF (all versions)

  • SCH (format of software SchemataCAD)

Instructions how to install the viewer: Connect tablet or smartphone to Internet and run "Play Store". In the search dialog enter keyword "SchemataCAD" and then install viewer.  

Example screenshot:


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